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Grant Agreement Chafea

Please note that overheads (indirect costs) for applicants who receive an operating grant from the EU budget during the relevant period are not eligible. Proposals must be submitted electronically via the electronic exchange system of the EU participants` portal for research and innovation. In accordance with the 2020 work plan, Chafea has launched a call for project proposals. They can submit a project proposal as a coordinator or participate as beneficiaries. Call projects can receive up to 60-80% of the co-financed costs. There is no minimum number of partners for a proposal to be eligible. However, a new attribution criterion is included in the geographical registration of proposals: the proposed measures must be implemented in at least three eligible countries; These activities must be carried out in areas particularly affected by the massive influx of refugees. Organizations from other countries can only participate as co-operated subcontractors or stakeholders. If your organization is not in the electronic registration system for PC 7 /HORIZON 2020 and other programs and you do not have a 9-digit PIC number (participant ID code), please register on the participant portal. Scholarships may be awarded to public, non-governmental or private institutions established by law, including public bodies, public bodies, particularly research and health institutions, universities and higher education institutions. To obtain EU grants for a project, i.e. to be a coordinator or other beneficiary, the organisation must: