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1. What Agreement Do The Pilgrims Make In This Compact

No one knows exactly what happened to the original Mayflower Compact. The accepted translation was found in William Bradford`s Newspaper De Plymouth Plantation, in which he wrote his experience as a settlerist. The pact created the idea of a social contract. A social contract is a real or hypothetical pact between leaders and their leaders, which defines the rights and duties of each (Encyclopedia Britannica). Although specific tasks were not entrusted to all settlers, the election of John Carver as the first governor of New Plymouth introduced a higher-order concept. Non-profit organizations use the same principle in creating a contract between the Agency and its staff. Mourt`s relationship is also known because it is the first preserved source of the text of the Mayflower Compact, the agreement that the settlers entered into New Plymouth to form a new civil political authority as they set out to build a community in America. The Mayflower Compact celebrates its 400th anniversary in 2020. Look for more news and blog posts on the American self-management tradition here on In Custodia Legis in the coming months.

She said that the settlers were loyal to the King of England, that they were Christians, that they served God, that they enacted just and just laws, and that they would work together for the good of the colony. Pilgrims had initially hoped to reach America in early October with two ships, but delays and complications meant they could use only one, the Mayflower. Their destination was the colony of Virginia, the trip being financed by the Company of Merchant Adventurers of London. But the storms forced them to anchor themselves to the hook of Cape Cod in Massachusetts, as it was unwise to continue with meagre stocks. This inspired some of the non-puritan passengers (whom the Puritans called the “Strangers”) to announce that they would “use their own freedom; because no one had the power to take them,” because they would not settle in the agreed territory of Virginia. [5] To avoid this, the pilgrims decided to form their own government, while confirming their loyalty to the crown of England. Thus, the Mayflower Pact was based both on a majority model and on the fidelity of the settlers to the king. It was essentially a social contract in which the settlers declared themselves ready to respect the rules and community regulations for order and survival. [6] The year is 2120, and the American spacecraft Mayflower II landed on Mars, exactly 400 years after the first Mayflower reached the New World. On board the Mayflower II are a team of scientists and a larger group of skilled workers.

The mission of this trip is to build a research base on Mars for scientific observations and experiments. Unfortunately, the Mayflower II crash landed due to a malfunction in an area outside the united Nations Treaty for Exploration of the United States. This area is not the jurisdiction of an earthly nation. Although the crash hampered the Mayflower II and its radio, all employees and supply and survival systems survived unharmed. Scientists and workers will be able to live in the Mayflower II and build structures outside the space probe. They expect a rescue ship to be sent, but not for many months. Shortly after the Mayflower II crash, an argument broke out between scientists and workers.